Welcome to the RIT Interactive Campus Map!

We have created an innovate mapping system for the RIT community. The Interactive Campus Map was built and designed around the Google Map API v3 and utilizes an enterprise data management system to populate custom data elements (markers/content). Between the map client, and the Google Map API, sits a custom Mapping Information Service (MIS) API. The MIS allows data to be shared, and used, to populate any type of map service (Bing, Yahoo!, MayQuest, etc.), website, mobile website or any native mobile app. The options are endless.
The RIT Interactive Campus Map and MIS are a continual work in progress. We are working to build a product that will stand the test of time, and can be used by the entire RIT community. The intent is to make the MIS API public, so that RIT community members can build their own custom clients, incorporate changing browser technologies, and utilize applications running native on mobile devices. If you find this to be a subject or interest, please let us know what you think: Send us feedback
Don’t forget to check back often to see how our progress is coming along.


If you are interested in submitting a new data element (marker), content for an existing data element, or would like to suggest a series of data elements, please fill out our online form. Keep in mind that requests are being accepted and reviewed, but not all requests will be approved. Make our decision easier by providing as much information, and detail, as possible. If you have any further questions, or are experiencing issues with the map. Please contact the ITS Service Desk.

Technical Specs:

We know RIT is a technical university. Here are the RIT Interactive Campus Map and MIS specifications for those excited about the technology behind the map.